Ani Avetisyan

Ani was writing stories and photographing for four years before moving into the world of facts and numbers, first working as a data journalist, then as a fact-checker. Open-source investigations and data visualisation are her passions. Ani is interested in everything South Caucasus, politics, and 20th century world history.

Armenia’s ruling party moves to appoint allies to independent bodies

The Electoral Commission and Supreme Judicial Council are meant to be indpendent institutions free from political influence. 

Azerbaijan ‘investigating’ new POW execution footage

Footage published online appears to show a group of unarmed Armenian soldiers being summarily executed by Azerbaijani troops.

Three Armenians killed in fresh clashes with Azerbaijan 

Nikol Pashinyan has called for the deployment of an ‘international observer mission’ along the Armenia-Azerbaijan border.

Armenia’s ruling party takes hit in local votes

Civil Contract won majorities in just 8 of 17 municipalities where local council elections were being held.

Armenia denies handing Kurdish fighters to Turkey

Yerevan has denied handing over two Kurdish fighters to Turkey, and Kurdish groups accused the Armenian authorities of a ‘betrayal’. 

Opinion | Armenia’s old allies have failed it, new ones have yet to appear

Yerevan’s long-running alliance with Moscow has become increasingly meaningless, but it is unclear what alternatives are available to Armenia.

Azerbaijani and Armenian foreign ministers meet in New York

The Armenian and Azerbaijani foreign ministers have met in New York, the first official direct talks between the two countries since the most recent conflict.

Footage appears to show desecration of female Armenian soldier

On Friday, the Armenian Defence Ministry confirmed that the woman in question was killed during the clashes on 13–14 September.

Protests break out in Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh

Protests have erupted in Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh over what appears to be a miscommunication by Pashinyan regarding a possible peace deal with Azerbaijan.

Live updates: shelling along Armenian border continues for second day

The Azerbaijani strikes on Armenian territory continue into a second day despite the international community’s calls for peace.

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