Ani Avetisyan

Ani was writing stories and photographing for four years before moving into the world of facts and numbers, first working as a data journalist, then as a fact-checker. Open-source investigations and data visualisation are her passions. Ani is interested in everything South Caucasus, politics, and 20th century world history.

Former deputy minister elected Armenia’s new human rights defender 

Former Deputy Minister of Justice Kristine Grigoryan, will replace Arman Tatoyan in February.

Investigation: Armenian President was ineligible for post due to secret second citizenship 

An investigation has revealed that Armen Sarkissian was not eligible for the presidency, due to being a citizen of St. Kitts and Nevis.

Armenian PM wins case against Armenia in Strasbourg court

Pashinyan sued Armenia in 2010 over his arrest and conviction following the deadly 2008 crackdown on anti-government protesters. 

Four killed in renewed clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijan 

Armenia reports three soldiers killed, two wounded, and Azerbaijan one soldier killed.

Armenia sends troops to quell Kazakhstan protests 

Armenia will send troops as part of a ‘peacekeeping mission’ by the Russian-led Collective Security Treaty Organisation.

Nagorno-Karabakh authorities slam Pashinyan for ‘dangerous’ statements

Recent statements by the Armenian PM on the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict have caused outrage among opposition figures and Nagorno-Karabakh officials.

Recriminations fly as Yerevan mayor replaced by city hall 

In his final speech, former Yerevan Mayor Hayk Marutyan has accused the ruling party of widespread attempts at abuse of power. 

Ruling party to oust ‘disloyal’ Yerevan mayor

Hayk Marutyan will likely be replaced by his current deputy, Hrachya Sargsyan. 

Aliyev and Pashinyan meet one-on-one in Brussels

The issue of reopening transport links between the two countries has continued to cause tension.

Armenia moves to arrest several ex-POWs 

Five of the soldiers who were captured by Azerbaijan on 16 November have been charged with ‘violating the rules of duty’.

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