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Armine Avetisyan

Armine Avetisyan is a print and broadcast journalist from Armenia who has covered social and political issues in the country since 2007. She holds a Master’s Degree from the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA).

The July escalation: Armenian civilians in the line of fire

As soldiers on the frontline exchanged fire, artillery shells fell on the villages of Armenia’s Tavush Province.

Voice | ‘People should not lose their sense of responsibility’

When Armenia confirmed its first case of COVID-19, Naira Stepanyan, a doctor specialising in infectious diseases, was the first to treat him.

Giving birth to someone else’s child: surrogacy in Armenia

For some in Armenia, surrogacy represents the last chance to have a family — but for surrogate mothers it can be a difficult experience.

Being Baha’i in Armenia

Armenia’s small Baha’i community has lived in the country for over a century; now they are finding their place in the new post-revolutionary order.

Looking for a better life: the Indians coming to Armenia

Despite many Indians coming to Armenia in search of a better life, racism and human trafficking also reveal the dark side of the ‘Armenian dream’.

‘I lived in hell’: life in a psychiatric hospital in Armenia

A  report by the Human Rights Defender of Armenia suggested patients were often met with poor conditions and human rights violations.

Armenian agricultural export giant Spayka charged with tax evasion

The State Revenue Committee has initiated criminal proceedings against Spayka a major exporter of agricultural products.

Armenia cuts five ministries in government ‘optimisation’

The number of ministries has been cut from 17 to 12 as part of a government ‘optimisation’ drive.

Trans woman ejected from Armenian parliament after appeal to MPs

Lilit Martirosyan gave an impassioned speech to MP’s calling for more protection for transgender people in the country.

‘I keep silent and put up with it’ — surviving domestic violence in Armenia

Despite a new law being passed to tackle domestic violence in 2018, women’s rights groups say not enough is being done.