Dato Parulava

Dato has worked as a journalist for over six years. Before joining the OC Media team he wrote for Liberali Magazine. He’s interested in human rights, with a focus on minority rights and Georgia’s EU integration process. He’s also into illustrations and motion graphics and is always looking for ways to apply his multimedia skills to video journalism.

Vitali Safarov’s mother: I must know why they killed my son

The mother is appealing the court’s verdict which said the murder wasn’t a hate crime.

Video | Protesting 'For Freedom'

Georgians have been protesting in front of the Parliament for more than a week now. What are the demonstrations about and what is the protest so widespread?

Video | Chiatura: the town of miners

Around 3,000 mine workers went on strike in the industrial City of Chiatura, in western Georgia, earlier in May.

Speaking up through sewn lips: a wildcat strike in Chiatura

After starting an unsanctioned strike, miners in Chiatura stitched their lips together to demonstrate the cost of their hazardous occupations.

Key witness testifies that Safarov was killed because he was Jewish

A former friend of the two defendants said they went together to bars to insult foreigners and make Nazi salutes.

Video | International Labour Day marked in Tbilisi

On the first of May, International Workers’ Day, dozens protested in Tbilisi demanding dignified and safe working conditions.

Video | Pankisi Clash: tensions rise over hydropower in Georgia

Violence broke out in Georgia’s Pankisi Valley on the 21 April after work on a controversial hydropower plant was resumed. In the ensuing battle between riot police and local residents, dozens were injured on both sides.

Environmental activists celebrate win in 6-year battle against Vake Park hotel

Mayor Kakha Kaladze announced that authorities had reached an agreement with the project’s investor to cancel the project.

Georgia’s first female president

Salome Zurabishvili has been elected the 5th president of Georgia in 28 November’s presidential runoff, winning 60% of votes according to preliminary results.

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