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Dustin Gilbreath

Dustin is a Non-Resident Senior Fellow at CRRC Georgia.

Datablog | What issues are important for Tbilisi residents?

Georgia’s local elections were short on substantive discussions of issues, but what do Tbilisians want from their local government?

Datablog | Georgia’s COVID-19 cases exploded due to the 2020 parliamentary elections

New analysis suggests that the 2020 parliamentary elections led to a massive rise in COVID-19 cases and deaths in Georgia. 

Datablog | With local elections coming, what matters to the public?

New survey data shows that 51% of voters identify most closely with no party in particular. 

Datablog | Georgian views on increased diversity in parliament

Most Georgians agree that more women in parliament would be a good thing though far fewer think the same of more ethnic minorities.

Datablog | How Megi Bakradze’s death affected vaccine hesitancy in Georgia

When Georgian nurse Megi Bakradze died following an allergic reaction to the AstraZeneca vaccine, there were fears that vaccine hesitancy could grow. 

Datablog | Georgia may be the most homophobic country in Europe

Survey data suggests that Georgia may be the most homophobic country in Europe.

Datablog | Who smokes in Georgia?

Over 11,000 people die in Georgia from smoking annually, with men, people in Tbilisi, and poorer individuals most likely to be smokers.

Datablog | Who doesn’t watch TV in Georgia?

Recent data from CRRC Georgia’s 2020 Caucasus Barometer survey suggests that many people have stopped watching TV.

Datablog | What’s a last name from Tbilisi?

While regional identities and stereotypes are a prominent part of Georgian culture, what share of people identify with each regional heritage?

Datablog | What were the greatest successes of Shevardnadze, the UNM, and Georgian Dream?

Each government of Georgia has had a wide range of successes; but how do the public see these successes from Shevardnadze’s time to the present?