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Dustin Gilbreath

Dustin is a Non-Resident Senior Fellow at CRRC Georgia.

Datablog | The greatest failures from Shevardnadze to Georgian Dream

While each Georgian government has had a range of successes, as described in another post published today, they have each had their own spectacular failures. 

Datablog | More people feel healthy during the pandemic

While the pandemic has clearly harmed people’s health, data suggests that people considered themselves more healthy in 2020.

Datablog | Despite gains in 2020, Georgia’s institutions remain poorly trusted

Trust in most institutions rose significantly since the start of the pandemic, but some institutions gained more than others.

Datablog | Political campaigning in Georgia: informing or mobilising?

Campaigning is believed to both mobilise voters to actually go out to vote as well as win over voters, but which is most relevant in Georgia. 

Datablog | Georgian voters: personalities, policies, or a bit of both?

Personality trumps policy in Georgian voter preference, but the economy is still an important factor.

Datablog | Gaps remain in mobile phone ownership in Georgia

While mobile phone ownership is widespread in Georgia, gaps still remain among rural, elderly, and ethnic minority populations.

Datablog | How Georgians perceive environmental problems

A stark urban-rural divide can be found in Georgians’ view of environmental issues in their communities. 

Datablog | How coronavirus messaging could provide a moral license to misbehave

In Georgia, it would appear that informing people that others are acting responsibly in the pandemic could in fact lead to the opposite behaviour.

Datablog | Is Georgia really polarised?

People frequently cite political polarisation as a major problem for Georgian democracy, but is this really the case?

Datablog | The rallying around the flag effect in Georgia

In times of crisis, support for governments often rises; The COVID-19 crisis in Georgia has been no exception.