Elene Ergeshidze

Elene is a Researcher at CRRC Georgia.

Datablog | Does Georgia’s public want gender-balanced politics?

CRRC Georgia surveyed the Georgian public on attitudes towards gender equality in politics and obstacles faced by women in politics in Georgia. 

Datablog | Who wants to leave Georgia?

CRRC data shows that every fifth person was considering leaving Georgia for work in 2023.

Datablog | Georgians are becoming wearier of economic ties to Russia

Georgia’s economic relations with Russia have been a point of contention for years; but how far has the War in Ukraine swayed public opinion?

Datablog | Despite the war, Georgians differentiate Russia and Russians 

After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a large-scale migration of Russians to Georgia led to a debate in Georgian society. 

Datablog | Party activists near polling stations not acceptable for the majority in Georgia

Party activists and coordinators outside polling stations collecting information on voters has become a point of contention in recent years.

Datablog | Georgian parents are concerned about online learning

Georgia has postponed the reopening of schools in major cities due to a new surge in the pandemic.