Hamida Giyasbayli

Hamida had been exploiting herself in the peacebuilding field for 10 years when the war in Nagorno-Karabakh broke out. Now she is exploring journalism to pursue her passion for human rights. She cares about community action, social equity, refugees, and environmentalism. After living in 7 different countries, she has adopted a small puppy but still seems unlikely to settle down anytime soon.

Voice | ‘I was kidnapped by my family’

Devran Ibrahimsoy, 25, did not receive his family’s support when he discovered his gender identity; after he fled to Baku, they even kidnapped him.

Leak targets prominent Azerbaijani feminist in run-up to Women’s Day 

The private Facebook conversations from Gulnara Mehdiyeva were published amidst an online campaign targeting women’s rights activists.

Health workers in Azerbaijan protest ‘exploitation’

Health workers from a state-run COVID-19 hospital in Baku demanding unpaid salaries.

N!DA activist imprisoned ‘for post targeting Aliyev’

Abbasov was charged with illegal use of narcotic substances while allegedly tortured and threatened with rape.

Young woman’s suicide shakes Azerbaijan

After a young woman took her own life following domestic abuse, Azerbaijani conservatives have pointed to feminists as the guilty party. 

Azerbaijan loses three cases in ECHR

The cases included two youth activists, a man held in pretrial custody without a court order, and 18 residents of Baku whose land was appropriated.

Aliyev delivers scathing address over ‘Shusha land grab’ by officials

Some have speculated the president’s harsh words represent a shift in power at the top.

Azerbaijani rights lawyer vows to fight on despite disbarment proceedings

Shahla Humbatova is one of only a handful of human rights lawyers remaining in Azerbaijan.

After grisly murder, women hold protest in Baku

The protest comes a week after the murder and dismemberment of Banu Maharramova.

Students arrested at protest outside Lankaran university 

Three student activists were arrested while attempting to protest against alleged corruption in Lankaran State University.

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