Kristine Vacharadze

Kristine is Programmes Director at CRRC Georgia.

Datablog | How Armenians and Georgians feel about the dissolution of the Soviet Union

Most Armenians feel that the collapse of the USSR was bad for their country, while Georgians are more likely to feel it was a good thing.

Datablog | Do Georgians trust TV?

In an increasingly polarised media environment, Georgians have mixed feelings about how much TV and TV journalists can be trusted. 


Datablog | Georgians are becoming more accepting of premarital sex

While Georgian society tends to find sex before marriage unacceptable for women, attitudes are slowly changing.

Datablog | Georgians want their government to support Ukraine

 The Russian invasion of Ukraine shook Georgia, and new polling from CRRC Georgia reveals the extent of the political fallout so far.

Datablog | Georgians are still conservative, but attitudes are slowly changing

Newly released data suggests that the public’s attitudes are changing about women having pre-marital sex and children out of wedlock.

Datablog | More people feel healthy during the pandemic

While the pandemic has clearly harmed people’s health, data suggests that people considered themselves more healthy in 2020.

Datablog | Almost everyone in Georgia believes in the supernatural

Survey data suggests that 91% of Georgians believe in either good luck charms, fortunetellers, faith healers, or horoscopes.

Datablog | Are Georgians and Armenians becoming more or less tolerant?

Surveys in Georgia and in Armenia asked if respondents approved or disapproved of doing business or marriages with other ethnicities.

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