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Lorenz Hilfiker

Lorenz is a Tbilisi-based blogger with a PhD in mathematical physics. He is the author of covidingeorgia.com, a blog using data to track the development of COVID-19 in Georgia.

Analysis | Georgia’s COVID-19 reproduction number bodes well for the lockdown

The virus’ effective reproduction number, ‘R’ dropped to 1.03 already before new lockdown measures were introduced. 

Analysis | Georgia struggles to respond to latest COVID-19 surge 

Mobility data indicates that the eastern half of the country has been slow to adapt to the return of the pandemic.

Analysis | Georgia follows the Japan trajectory, for now

While Georgia is on the same trajectory as Japan, it currently falls short of the benchmark set by some other wealthy east-Asian countries.

Analysis | How COVID-19 could increase mortality rates for all age groups in Georgia

While older people are more likely to die, modelling suggests the increase in the risk of death could be the same for all ages.