Luiza Mchedlishvili

Luiza is an editor with a degree in journalism from Tbilisi State University. Despite being the youngest member of the OC Media team, she has a wealth of experience, including an internship at Caucasian House where she took part in various peacebuilding projects. When she’s not reading about developments in Chechnya (a rare occurrence), she likes to spend time taking care of stray animals and treating herself to some fast food. In her everyday life, Luiza looks like a character from ‘Men in Black’.

Daghestani schoolgirl forced to apologise for statement supporting Ukraine

The apology video was published the same day a video of the teenager shouting slogans in support of Ukraine at high school graduation went viral.

Censorship and violence: the challenges to press freedom in the Caucasus in 2022

OC Media spoke with journalists from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Daghestan, and Georgia about the challenges they must overcome to report the news.

Russia investigates Ingush journalist over invasion coverage

A criminal investigation has been launched against Fortanga founder Izabella Evloeva.

Kadyrov enters online row with Elon Musk

The fight began when the 50-year-old founder of Tesla and SpaceX challenged Vladimir Putin to ‘single combat’.

Peskov contradicts claims Kadyrov is in Ukraine

On Sunday, footage of Kadyrov was circulated online showing him discussing the alleged capture of an orphanage close to Kyiv.

‘We have only one enemy — this is Russia’: the Chechens taking up arms for Ukraine

While Putin’s man in Chechnya has gained attention for his bombastic support for the war — other Chechens are again taking up arms against Russia.

Facebook takes down social media pages of Ingush news site Fortanga

Immediately after losing the accounts, the outlet’s editor-in-chief began receiving threats and money extortion from an unknown Telegram user.

Torture and survival in Chechnya

A harrowing story of one human rights activist’s abduction, torture, and exile.

Fierce, independent journalism

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