Mariam Nikuradze

Mariam is a veteran journalist with over 10 years experience under her belt. She is passionate about gender equality and workers’ rights. Despite now being shackled behind a desk for most of the time, she can never sit still when something is happening and always goes to report from the ground. Mari lives with her cat Willie, who she is training to be a dog.

Video | In the Shadow of War: Voices from Nagorno-Karabakh

A short documentary about the aftermath of the Second Nagorno-Karabakh War that looks at the conflict from the perspective of some of those who experienced it first hand.

Shukrutians end hunger strike after reaching deal with Georgian Manganese

After 30 days on hunger strike and two years of protests, residents of the mining village near Chiatura say their grievances have been addressed.

After 25 days on hunger-strike, Shukruti residents stop drinking liquids

The residents of the Georgian village of Shukruti are demanding compensation for damage to their homes that they allege has been caused by mining. 

Shukruti protester ‘blackmailed with sex-tape’

A recording of a phone call heard by OC Media reveals a man appearing to threaten to release intimate footage of a protesters daughter-in-law.

In pictures | Lips sewn shut in Chiatura’s sinking village

Residents of Shukruti say their houses continue to collapse due to mining underneath, and neither the mining company nor the government is listening.

In Pictures | Anti-dam protesters gather in Kutaisi

On Sunday, thousands gathered in the central Georgian city of Kutaisi to protest the construction of the nearby Namakhvani hydropower project. 

Georgian activist arrested ‘for shouting anti-government slogans’

An activist from the Shame Movement was fined $600 after being arrested while shouting anti-government slogans from a pavement outside parliament.

In pictures | Tbilisi’s first night under curfew

On 31 March at 21:00, the streets of Tbilisi emptied as the country entered its first night of curfew. 

In pictures | Tbilisi in a state of emergency

The new restrictions on businesses and freedom of movement have left the streets of Tbilisi eerily empty.

Voice | Tamara Mearakishvili: ‘If I’m found guilty, I will not run away’

The veteran activist and journalist reflects on life in Akhalgori, her ongoing prosecution, and the Georgian Government’s approach to South Ossetia.

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