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Armenia’s top court dismisses Kocharyan case as ‘unconstitutional’ 

The criminal trial of Armenia’s second president comes to an abrupt end without delivering a verdict.

Former Chechen security official tells story of extrajudicial executions

A former employee of the Chechen Interior Ministry and an alleged witness to extrajudicial executions told his story to Novaya Gazeta. 

One person killed during ‘counter-terrorist operation’ in Daghestan

The special Counter-Terrorist Operation regime was in force for much of Thursday in the Makhachkala’s Sovietsky district.

Alleged plot against Chechen dissident’s brother uncovered in Germany

The brother of the target of the alleged assassination plot identified Ramzan Kadyrov’s cousin as the plot's mastermind. 

Bera Ivanishvili refuses to deny authenticity of secret recordings

Bera Ivanishvili remained unrepentant after the broadcast of conversations he had with the PM in which they discuss sending men to threaten critics.

Live updates: Women detained in Baku as Caucasus markes International Women’s Day

Women across the Caucasus are marking International Women’s Day.

Live updates: Pashinyan condemns ‘military coup’

Armenia’s top military brass have released a statement calling for Nikol Pashinyan’s resignation, Pashinyan has called on supporters to gather in response. 

Chechen man ‘abducted and held in basement’ for past six months

Local residents say 35-year-old Usman Mitayev was abducted by police in October.

Melia arrested as police raid UNM offices in Tbilisi

Georgian Police are executing the arrest of opposition leader Nika Melia.

Gharibashvili focuses on ‘terrorist opposition’ in combative confirmation speech

The new Georgian Prime Minister vowed to quickly ‘restore constitutional order’ in a move unlikely to resolve Georgia’s political crisis.

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