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Podcast | A view of the Turkish elections from Azerbaijan and Armenia

OC Media speaks to Azerbaijani and Armenian political analysts about how the Turkish elections might affect their respective countries.

Abkhaz opposition to protest to demand government’s resignation

An opposition bloc is demanding the government’s resignation for acting against the interests of Abkhazians and excluding them from public life.

Podcast | Does a free press exist in Azerbaijan?

OC Media speaks to Azerbaijani journalists about how the government’s policies constrain media freedom in Azerbaijan or force journalists into exile.

Activists arrested for hanging banners in Sukhumi 

Two members of the H-ara H-Pitsunda movement were detained for hanging banners with quotes by Abkhazian figures in Sukhumi (Sukhum).

Podcast | The future of Nagorno-Karabakh

The establishment of an Azerbaijani checkpoint at the start of the Lachin Corridor and what it might mean for Nagorno-Karabakh.

Abkhazia’s parliament elects new human rights commissioner

A psychologist with family ties to senior officials was elected over a lawyer working on human rights in Abkhazia. 

Podcast | Tumso fakes his death and Shukhuti plays leloburti

Why Tumso Abdurakhmanov faked his death and this Easter’s game of leloburti in western Georgia.

Podcast | Insurgency in the North Caucasus and Azerbaijanis grow weary of conflict

The latest battles between gunmen and the authorities in Ingushetia and Azerbaijani reactions to the border clashes with Armenia.

Former Abkhazian MP ‘beaten by President Bzhaniya’s son’

Tengiz Agrba has been hospitalised after allegedly being attacked by President Aslan Bzhaniya’s son and relatives.

Podcast | Senior Georgian judges sanctioned by US and Russia’s ban on Armenian dairy products

US sanctions on four senior Georgian judges and Russia’s ban on Armenian dairy products.

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