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Abkhazia increases fines for ‘inappropriate’ dress 

This includes wearing bathing suits on the streets, toplessness for both men and women, or public nudity.

Podcast | Blank posters and phallic puns: how to get arrested in Georgia

Mariam Nikuradze talks about the detention of protesters for holding ‘offensive’ signs, and Guram Imnadze talks about the legality of their detention.

Podcast | Where are the Armenia–Azerbaijan peace talks going?

Bahruz Samadov and Tigran Grigoryan talk about the current state of the Armenia–Azerbaijan peace talks.

Opposition rally in Sukhumi ends peacefully despite high security

Despite athe opposition's demands being refused and unprecedented security measures put in place by the authorities, no significant conflicts took place at a protest in Sukhumi (Sukhum).

Aliyev offers ‘amnesty’ to Stepanakert authorities if they dissolve government and parliament

President Ilham Aliyev said he was ready to make concessions to Nagorno-Karabakh officials if they become ‘loyal and normal citizens of Azerbaijan’.

Armenian officials and activists reportedly targeted with Pegasus spyware

UN staff, journalists, and government officials were reportedly targeted with the spyware during and after the Second Nagorno-Karabakh War. 

Podcast | North Caucasians fighting in Ukraine and remembering the Circassian Genocide

The impact of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on the North Caucasus, and the current state of Circassian activism.

Podcast | A view of the Turkish elections from Azerbaijan and Armenia

OC Media speaks to Azerbaijani and Armenian political analysts about how the Turkish elections might affect their respective countries.

Abkhaz opposition to protest to demand government’s resignation

An opposition bloc is demanding the government’s resignation for acting against the interests of Abkhazians and excluding them from public life.

Podcast | Does a free press exist in Azerbaijan?

OC Media speaks to Azerbaijani journalists about how the government’s policies constrain media freedom in Azerbaijan or force journalists into exile.

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