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Salome Khvedelidze

Salome loves the diversity of her role — how some tasks are research and management-driven, while others are more about communications and engagement. Holding degrees in International relations and European studies, she is interested in European politics, gender equality and elections. She is fluent in Georgian, Russian, English, and most importantly, Friends quotes.

Salome Kinkladze

Salome is a gender researcher from Georgia currently working in agriculture and rural development. Her interests include women's history, sexuality, and visual storytelling.

Salome Kobalava

Salome is a researcher focusing on environmental and social justice, community development and gender politics. She has master’s degrees in Sociology and Social Anthropology from the Central European University and in Media and Communication Studies from Lund University.

Samad Shikhi

Samad Shikhi is an Azerbaijani writer and political activist.

Samson Martirosyan

Samson Martirosyan is a freelance reporter based in Armenia. He writes on social justice, regional and domestic politics, and human rights, follow him on Twitter @mrtrsyns.

Sasha Delemenchuk

Sasha Delemenchuk is a human rights activist and policy advisor at the Center for Participation and Development.

Sasha Slobodov

Sasha Slobodov is an international fellow at CRRC Georgia.

Sasha Slobodov

Sasha is an international fellow at CRRC Georgia.

Saxon Bosworth

Saxon is a researcher, documentary filmmaker, and photographer. You can find more information about his work on Instagram, @saxonbosworth.

Seymur Kazimov

Seymur is a journalist specialising in conflict studies who is experienced in cross-border monitoring and reporting. He has been working as a journalist for the last 15 years. He writes about conflicts, politics, international relations, human rights, and the media.

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