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Our writers

Elizaveta Chukharova

Elizaveta Chukharova is an independent journalist from the North Caucasus, based in Prague. She covers topics connected to human rights, politics, and social and economic issues.

Emilio Cricchio

Emilio is a CivilNet contributor who spent four years working as a journalist in Armenia. He is now based in London.

Esma Gumberidze

Esma is a disability rights campaigner who chairs the Platform for New Opportunities and sits on the board of the Georgian Network of Women with Disabilities. She has consulted on and contributed to research about disability rights for the government and the UN.

Eto Gagunashvili

Eto Gagunahvili is a researcher at CRRC Georgia.

Gabriel Gavin

Gabriel Gavin is a British journalist and writer covering the former Soviet Union and Turkey whose work has appeared in Politico, Foreign Policy, TIME and more.

Gayane Mkrtchyan

Gayane is an award-winning freelance journalist from Armenia. She focuses on political, social, health, economic, and human rights issues and believes that human-oriented stories are the most important form of journalism. Along with OC Media, her writing has appeared on IWPR, Chai Khana, and Jam News.

Giorgi Ptskialadze

Giorgi is a spokesperson and executive committee member of the Georgian Young Greens. He has been involved in queer, feminist, left-wing, and green activism since 2017.

Giorgi Tabagari

Giorgi Tabagari is a queer activist from Tbilisi and one of the organisers of Tbilisi Pride. He has worked for a number of local and international organisations across Europe, primarily focusing on the media, queer human rights, and EU affairs.

Giorgi Babunashvili

Giorgi is a Senior Researcher at CRRC Georgia.

Giorgi Gogia

Giorgi is associate Europe and Central Asia director at Human Rights Watch.