Our writers

Heydar Isayev

Heydar is a freelance journalist based in Baku. He covers conflicts, society, and the underrepresented. His work has appeared on Transitions Online, Corridors, Chai Khana, and the Caucasus Edition: Journal of Conflict Transformations.

Hovhannes Ishkhanyan

Hovhannes is a writer, journalist, and documentary filmmaker from Yerevan. He previously worked at the Ankakh, Yerkir, and Aravot newspapers as well as at queer rights group PINK Armenia. He is the creator of several short and mid-length documentary films related to repressions of the Soviet Union, human rights, modern society, and personal relations and is currently working on his first feature-length documentary film.

Ian McNaught Davis

Ian is a South African photojournalist specialising in documentary photography. He is fascinated with recording the idiosyncrasies of human behaviour, whether they are held in subtle gestures, compelling forms and lines or glaring paradoxes. His photographs have been exhibited in London, Rome, Bologna, Tbilisi, Cape Town, and Kathmandu, and his editorial publications include GQ, BBC News, and The Sunday Independent. His work can be viewed at: ianmcnaughtdavis.com.

Ian Goodrich

Ian is a policy analyst at CRRC Georgia.

Indie Peace

Indie Peace is a conflict transformation organisation.

Irakli Zhvania

Irakli is an architect and urban designer consulting for a number of local and international organisations. He previously taught the history and theory of city planning.

Islam Shikhali

Islam is a journalist living in Azerbaijan focusing on politics, human rights, and the socioeconomic situation in the country. His work has appeared on RFE/RL, Abzas, and others. He has also worked as a media trainer for nearly 10 years.

Ismayil Fataliyev

Ismayil is a multimedia freelance journalist and civil activist from Baku, Azerbaijan. He has worked on several projects to develop civil society in Azerbaijan.

Ismi Aghayev

Ismi has worked as a journalist for over 5 years and is passionate about multimedia journalism. He is interested in peacebuilding and human rights. Ismi speaks five languages and has a particular love for his academic knowledge of Arabic. He thinks volleyball makes him hyper and social, and since these are two of his favourite conditions, he considers volleyball his favourite sport.

Javid Agha

Javid is an Ankara-based writer and social media commentator focusing on Armenia and Azerbaijan. His articles have also appeared on the BBC. He was one of the founders of the Susma platform, where survivors of domestic violence can share their stories.

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