Robin Fabbro

Before joining OC Media as an editor at its founding in 2017, Robin worked in Georgia’s NGO sector. He is passionate about human rights and social justice and is a big believer in giving voice to marginalised people and tackling tough subjects head-on. Robin enjoys hiking, KFC, and exhorting the value of the Oxford comma.

South Ossetia to hold Russian annexation referendum on 17 July

President-elect Alan Gagloyev has previously opposed the initiative by the outgoing president, arguing that they should wait for a signal from Moscow.

Azerbaijani government ran cyber espionage and influence ops on Facebook, company says

Facebook said they had removed a ‘hybrid network’ that ‘combined cyber espionage with Coordinated Inauthentic Behaviour’.

Georgian National bank vows to assist sanctions-hit VTB Bank

The National Bank said they would provide financial aid to the Georgian branch of VTB after it was hit with Western sanctions over the war in Ukraine.

OC Media’s top 10 articles of 2021

From the aftermath of the Second Nagorno-Karabakh War, the pandemic, and political crises throughout the region, 2021 was an eventful year in the Caucasus.

Georgian and German authorities raid ‘scam’ call centre

Seven people in Georgia have been arrested as part of a joint Georgian-German investigation into scam call centres.

Report claims Israeli F‑35 fighter jets stationed in Azerbaijan

Two F-35 fighter jets have been ‘permanently stationed’ in Azerbaijan, UK-based Arabic news site Elaph has reported citing a senior Israeli source.

Leading MEPs threaten to cut financial aid to Georgia over political deadlock

The MEPs said Georgian political leaders ‘should not expect a return to business as usual from the European Union’.

EU parliamentarians warn of ‘crisis in democracy’ in Georgia

MEPs took aim at both the government and opposition in at times scathing comments about Georgia’s political crisis.

Gakharia’s support as PM skyrockets in new NDI poll

The Georgian Prime Minister saw his approval rating increase from 32% to 46%, with only 17% saying he was performing poorly.

Protesters line streets of Tbilisi to greet US Secretary of State Pompeo  

The US Secretary of State met with government officials, civil society, and the Patriarch during his visit.

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