Robin Fabbro

Before joining OC Media as an editor at its founding in 2017, Robin worked in Georgia’s NGO sector. He is passionate about human rights and social justice and is a big believer in giving voice to marginalised people and tackling tough subjects head-on. Robin enjoys hiking, KFC, and the Oxford comma.

Nagorno-Karabakh surrenders to Azerbaijan

The government of Nagorno-Karabakh has accepted Azerbaijan’s terms and agreed to dissolve their armed forces and integrate into Azerbaijan.

Tbilisi Pride Festival cancelled after police fail to confront extremists

Tbilisi Pride accused the government of being complicit in the attack on the festival.

EU condemns ‘totally unacceptable’ threat from Azerbaijani ambassador 

Azerbaijan’s ambassador to the EU tweeted an image of an Azerbaijani-produced sniper rifle warning MEPs to ‘keep clear of Azerbaijani state border’.

Queer ‘propaganda’ bill to be submitted to Georgian parliament

Details of the legislation have yet to be made public; but the move echoes a Russian queer propaganda law passed in 2013.

Azerbaijani ‘eco-protest’ ends after checkpoint installed on Lachin Corridor

The eco-activists reportedly said they were ‘very happy with the establishment of a border control mechanism’.

Georgian foreign agent bill passes first reading as police use tear gas on protests

The bills have been widely condemned in Georgia and abroad as representing a threat to Georgia’s democracy.

Analysis | How Azerbaijan’s youth feels towards different countries and the conflict

Polling by the Agora Analytical Collective shows which countries young Azerbaijanis like and dislike, which they see as a threat or an ally. 

EU approves 2-year monitoring mission to Armenia–Azerbaijan border

The EU’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs described the mission as ‘a new phase in the EU’s engagement in the South Caucasus.’

Georgia violated Pankisi teen Machalikashvili’s right to life, court finds

Temirlan Machalikashvili was shot dead in his bed during an antiterrorist sweep in the Pankisi Valley in December 2017.

Aliyev says Yerevan ‘historically’ Azerbaijani

Aliyev made the comments in a wide-ranging speech to the Community of West Azerbaijanis on his 61st birthday.

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