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Seymur Kazimov

Seymur is a journalist specialising in conflict studies who is experienced in cross-border monitoring and reporting. He has been working as a journalist for the last 15 years. He writes about conflicts, politics, international relations, human rights, and the media.

The July escalation: Azerbaijani civilians in the line of fire

As soldiers on the frontline exchanged fire, artillery shells fell on the villages of Azerbaijan’s Tovuz District. 

Afghan refugees struggle to make a living in Azerbaijan

Many are stuck in legal limbo and find themselves unable to cover basic expenses. As the social aid regime is changing many fear life will get worse.

Proposals to include Nagorno-Karabakh in peace talks raise red flags in Azerbaijan

Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan and Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev will meet officially on 29 March.

In pictures | Life along the Azerbaijani border regions of Gazakh and Tovuz

Along the Armenian Azerbaijani border, ceasefire violations occur frequently from both sides.

Caring for the war-wounded: a thankless task in Azerbaijan

For many of the loved ones of disabled veterans, being a carer is a full time task with little support.

‘I would never return home again’ — the Azerbaijani IDPs as old as the conflict

For a generation that grew up with the conflict, displaced and moving from place to place, the prospect of continuing bloodshed is especially tough.

Children with disabilities are being left behind in Azerbaijan’s frontline villages

Special education facilities are not available in most regions of the country — and this is no exception in the villages along the frontline.

Duty of an only son: to serve the motherland or continue the family name?

Throughout the region there are debates around compulsory military service, in Azerbaijan, the debate centres around drafting only sons in the family.