Tamuna Chkareuli

Tamuna fell in love with journalism after becoming disillusioned with the art scene. As a professional photographer, she now enjoys combining images with the power of the written word in her new family at OC Media. With a keen interest in social issues, she focuses on labour rights and disability and gender-related problems. When not investigating a new story, she’s successfully devoting her time to turning her small apartment into a Mexican patio.

Inside Georgia’s textile industry: Part I — Unions

In part I of this multi-part series, we look at how employees are organising and how the unions work (or don’t) at two factories in Kutaisi.

In pictures | Rustavi: The city of factories

Rustavi’s factories have led to ‘alarming’ levels of air pollution in the city — local activists, backed by the city council, are getting fed up.

‘We’re caught in mid-air’ — Raising a child with autism in Georgia

From therapy to special education teachers in schools, parents of children with autism in Georgia face a constant battle for the services they need.

In pictures | Tbilisi’s night bus — a shelter on wheels

Tbilisi introduced a night bus two years ago between the city centre and the airport. Now, it serves as overnight accommodation for the homeless.

In pictures | The uncertain life of lorry drivers along the Georgian Military Road

One of the most common sights along the Georgian Military Road, after the mountain views, is the lines of lorries queuing at the Russian border.

In pictures | Tbilisi’s dying evergreens

As the trees on Tbilisi’s periphery turn orange and die, environmental activists say more must be done to save Tbilisi’s last green areas.

In pictures | Tbilisi’s lemon vendors — the hardships of selling lemons to survive

Selling lemons in the streets at ₾1 for a bag of 5, Tbilisi’s lemon vendors — almost exclusively elderly women — struggle to scrape out a living.

In pictures | Tbilisi’s ‘jarti’ collectors

A look at Georgia’s uneasy scrap industry shows how Georgia’s present situation reflects in the piles of tin, copper, and brass.

In pictures ⁠| Georgia’s deadly construction sites

Despite a new labour safety bill, Georgia’s construction sites remain a deathtrap for workers.

‘People’s goodwill is my only hope for survival’ — elderly poverty in Georgia

Struggling to make ends meet, many Georgian pensioners end up relying on donations from charities or support from relatives or kind neighbours.

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