Tata Shoshiashvili

Before joining OC Media as a reporter, Tata worked as a journalist in Georgian newspaper Resonance for over 2 years. She is interested in politics, and especially everything related to the North Caucasus. Writing is Tata’s outlet to relax and she believes she has found her dream profession in journalism.

Opposition leader wins South Ossetia presidential election

President-elect Alan Gagloyev is a former intelligence officer of South Ossetia’s KGB.

Students protest lack of housing in Tbilisi as universities return to in-person learning

The students demanded the implementation of hybrid education as rent prices continue skyrocketing in Tbilisi.

Borjomi ceases production citing Ukraine war 

The company closed both of its bottling plants in Borjomi.

Georgian Government auctions off massive swath of land for hunting

A total of 1,000 square kilometres of land was leased to a limited liability company for 49 years.

Georgian Dream lays out demands to Ukraine as pre-condition for Bucha visit

The chair of Georgian Dream’s demands included that Ukraine fire several officials before a ‘high-level’ delegation would be considered.

Twenty far-right activists convicted over 5 July attack on journalists

 The verdicts were met with fury from far-right activists gathered outside the court.

Georgia’s ruling party accuses President of violating constitution

The government has accused Salome Zurabishvili of refusing to sign off on ambassadors they have nominated — a claim Zurabishvili denies.

Abkhazia’s president wins majority support in parliamentary poll 

Supporters of Aslan Bzhania won at least 25 of 35 seats, giving the president unprecedented support in the legislature.

Georgia’s former defence minister goes to war

A former Defence Minister of Georgia, Irakli Okruashvili, is now fighting on the front lines defending Kyiv.

Evictions surge as rents skyrocket in Yerevan and Tbilisi

The unprecedented increase in the cost of rent has been driven primarily by migration out of Russia following the country’s invasion of Ukraine.