Tata Shoshiashvili

Before joining OC Media as a reporter, Tata worked as a journalist in Georgian newspaper Resonance for over 2 years. She is interested in politics, and especially everything related to the North Caucasus. Writing is Tata’s outlet to relax and she believes she has found her dream profession in journalism.

In Pictures | Fighting to save the art of Borchalo carpet weaving in Georgia

There are only a few dozen women who still weave the carpets, a unique art practised mostly by Georgia’s ethnic Azerbaijani community

Georgian authorities fail to produce autopsy 5 months after journalist’s death

Aleksandre Lashkarava died on 11 July six days after being attacked in a homophobic riot.

Voice | ‘They love each other very much’

Fifty-six-year old Inga Sindeeva told OC Media about the joys and the challenges of being a foster parent in Georgia.

Kaladze announces all-man cabinet for Tbilisi

The mayor’s spokesperson defended the lack of women, stating that the men nominated had 'fulfilled their duty honestly over the last four years’.

Georgian Communications Commission levies fines on TV channels for 'political' content

Opposition-leaning channel Mtavari was fined $35,000, while government-leaning Imedi was fined $800.

Georgian cities of Batumi and Zugdidi approve annual budgets amid protests

Six people were arrested in rallies outside the city councils of Batumi and Zugdidi after confrontations between law enforcement and opposition supporters.

Demands for new mining licences to be revoked in Georgian village

The situation in the village of Shkmeri has been tense for a year.

Mikheil Saakashvili’s trial kicks off amidst protests in Tbilisi

The former Georgian President was not allowed in court to face trial. 

Tbilisi massage parlour killer ‘wanted to kill transgender people’

One woman died in the attack, and one was severely injured.

EU and US slam Georgian authorities over election conduct

The EU slated ‘an escalation of negative rhetoric, persistent allegations of intimidation and pressure on voters, and sharp imbalances in resources.’

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