Vafa Zeynalova

Is this the beginning of a recycling revolution in Azerbaijan?

While the Ministry of Environment sees the solution through private and public initiatives, the public expects regulatory actions.

The end of Shanghai — Baku’s district on the railway tracks

Shanghai has a sad reputation, with countless stories of children hit by trains; but as it’s set to be demolished, some say they have nowhere to go.

The puzzles and problems of the most populated city in the South Caucasus

Overpopulation in Baku is having a negative effect on the state of the city's infrastructure.

Drowning in rubbish: Baku’s waste management headache

Attempts to ease the problem for the city’s growing number of residents have so far proven futile.

Might makes right — bullying in Azerbaijan’s schools

Attitudes on violence, masculinity, and honour mean the toughest lessons are often forced on children on the school grounds.

Elderly in Azerbaijan: venerated yet lonely

With an average pension of $100, elderly in Azerbaijan can only hope for help from shelters, kind neighbours, and volunteers.