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Zachary Fabos

Zachary Fabos is a researcher at CRRC Georgia.

Datablog | Georgians are split on economic relations with Russia

Despite significant negative public sentiment towards Russia’s relations to Georgia, a CRRC survey found that there were mixed opinions on Georgia’s economic ties to Russia. 

Datablog | Young, in the city, and online: most Georgians use more than one social media platform

A survey found most Georgian respondents use more than one social media platform, with younger people and people living in cities using a greater variety of platforms. 

Datablog | Almost half of young Georgians are on TikTok

Almost half of young Georgians are on TikTok, with men and members of ethnic minority groups more likely to use the app.

Datablog | What do non-partisans think of politicians and parties in Georgia?

Of the plurality of Georgians who do not feel any party aligns with their views, most dislike Georgia’s leading political figures and parties. 

Datablog | Is Georgia’s Gen Z more politically engaged than young millennials?

CRRC data suggests that Georgians aged 18-29 are politically engaged and active, with the older age bracket somewhat more interested.