Open Caucasus Laboratory for Journalism

Our training space in Tbilisi (Photo credit: Dominik K Cagara/OC Media)

OC Media is proud to announce that the first edition of the Open Caucasus Laboratory for Journalism (or OC Lab, for short!) will be held in Tbilisi on 6–12 April and 25–31 May 2020.

Applications for OC Lab are open to young people from the South Caucasus with no practical experience in journalism, but with a strong interest in the discipline. The lab will include hands-on training on the basics of media literacy, journalistic genres and writing styles, interviewing techniques, ethics, and much more.

The training will be heavy on practical exercises to make sure that a) participants acquire real skills, not only theory, and b) so the learning process is fun.

The training will consist of two modules which are obligatory to attend. Following the second module, each participant will receive a small financial grant to work on a journalistic story of their own. They will have a chance to work with OC Media’s editors, who will choose which stories will be published on our platform.

We hope you will use this opportunity to make your international journalistic début.

Our reporters Tamuna Chkareuli and Dato Parulava at work (Photo credit: Robin Fabbro/OC Media)

Please apply if:

  • you are between 18 and 24 years old;
  • you come from the South Caucasus;
  • you have little or no practical experience in journalism;
  • you are passionate about journalism and would like to try it out;
  • you speak and write at least intermediate English;
  • you’re committed to peace and would like to make new friends from across the South Caucasus region.

The transportation costs to/from Tbilisi, accommodation, and food, are covered by OC Media.

Old Tbilisi (Photo credit: Dominik K Cagara/OC Media)

To apply, please submit the following documents to [email protected]:

  1. your passport;
  2. your CV;
  3. a motivation letter about why you want to participate in the OC Lab.

Also, please indicate ‘OC Lab’ in the subject field.

Your motivation letter will be the main criterion of how we will select successful candidates.

We encourage persons with disabilities and from other vulnerable groups to apply.

Please submit your application no later than 1 March 2020. The results will be announced by 13 March 2020.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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