Tata Shoshiashvili

Before joining OC Media as a reporter, Tata worked as a journalist in the Georgian newspaper Resonance for over two years. She is interested in politics, social issues and especially everything related to the Caucasus region. Writing is Tata’s outlet to relax and she believes she has found her dream profession in journalism.

Georgian foreign agent law protester Lazare Grigoriadis sentenced to nine years

Grigoriadis was convicted of attacking a police officer and arson during the March 2023 protests against Georgia’s draft foraging agent law.

US State Department says to ‘stay tuned’ for possible Georgia sanctions

Miller was asked if the US would repeat a threat made last year to sanctioned MPs who voted for the foreign agent bill.

Georgian civil servants ‘pressured’ to promote foreign agent bill

Georgian Dream has faced backlash for reintroducing the controversial legislation.

Georgian foreign agent bill passes first stage in parliament

Parliament’s Bureau gave the legislation the go-ahead to proceed amidst noisy protests outside the building.

Georgian parliament rushes amendments to abolish gender quotas

The hearings on gender quotas in parliamentary election lists were rushed through amidst clashes and sexist comments.

Georgia’s foreign agents bill faces international condemnation

A year ago, the parliament dropped a draft law with the same content amid mass protests in the country.

Georgian Government to bring back aborted foreign agent law

The ruling party was forced to drop their previous draft foreign agent law after mass protests in March 2023.

Russian spies ‘used sonic weapon’ on American in Tbilisi

An international investigation has suggested that Russian sonic or energy weaponry may be the cause of the Havana syndrome.

NATO and Armenia to finalise new agreement as Stoltenberg tours South Caucasus

Armenia and NATO have announced that a new partnership programme between them will be approved ‘soon’.

Mine entrance blocked near Shukruti in renewed protest against Georgian Manganese

The residents of Shukruti demand adequate compensation for the destruction of their village.