Women of Georgia

Women in Georgia very often lack a voice of their own. Their opinions, feelings, dreams, aspirations, and achievements can be conveyed by others, often the men around them. The Women in Georgia project gives a voice to these women, allowing them to tell their own stories — in their own words.

Voice | ‘They say Georgia is a tolerant and diverse country; these are just words’

Gulgun Mamadli, 22, talks about experiencing xenophobia and hate speech during the pandemic.

Voice | ‘I left prison with a double stigma — I was a convict and HIV-positive’

Tamuna Gakhokidze, 37, is HIV-positive woman from Tbilisi who speaks about her diagnosis, about stigma, as well as how she discovered her diagnosis and learnt to live with it.

Voice | ‘Life is tough for a young widow’

A woman from Duisi, Pankisi Valley, speaks of being married too young, losing a husband and the hardships of being a widow in a conservative society.

Voice | ‘I have a child, a house, and a business, why on earth would I wash your socks?’

Keti Tomeishvili, 48, from Vani, spent 14 years working abroad to support her family, before coming home and starting a successful business.

Voice from Dedoplistskaro | ‘I dreamed of seeing a child protection hotline and calling it’

Sopio Jeterishvili, 19, talks of growing up with a violent and abusive father, and how she finally escaped.

Voice from Guria | ‘The prices for medicines are insane; isn’t this repression?’

Rusudan Chelidze, 80, from the village of Zemo Bakhvi, Guria remembers growing up as the child of a politically repressed family with her sister and the difficulties they had to face.

Voice from Tbilisi | ‘He would marry me if I withdrew the charges’

Salome Zandukeli, 22, talks of how she dealt with her rape, and the reaction of society and of those around her.

Voice from Gori | ‘There should be more women in the army’

Nino Bluashvili, 21, talks of joining the military, the reactions of those around her, and life as a cadet as a woman in Georgia’s armed forces.