The Caucasus Datablog

The Datablog analyses issues and trends in the region using data and public polling. It is a collaboration between OC Media and CRRC Georgia.

Datablog | Georgians more aware of EU membership status than ever before

A CRRC study found that more Georgians are aware than ever before that the country is not yet a member of the EU.

Datablog | Only a third of Georgians believe the country will obtain EU candidate status

A CRRC Georgia survey found that only a third of Georgian-speaking adults expected that Georgia would receive EU candidate status by the end of the year. 

Datablog | Almost half of young Georgians are on TikTok

Almost half of young Georgians are on TikTok, with men and members of ethnic minority groups more likely to use the app.

Datablog | Attitudes towards disinformation on social media in Armenia and Georgia 

Armenian and Georgian internet users have different perspectives on the effect of social media disinformation and its effect on their respective countries, according to a CRRC analysis.

Datablog | Georgia’s changing priorities at the UN General Assembly

A CRRC analysis found that Georgian Dream’s leaders have mentioned Russia less and spoken more positively than the previous government. 

Datablog | Russian émigrés in Georgia

A CRRC Georgia study has found that most surveyed Russians who emigrated to Georgia in 2022 are against Putin, in favour of Navalny, and feel secure in Georgia. 

Datablog | What Georgians read on Wikipedia

Analysing the most-visited Georgian-language pages on Wikipedia gives an insight into the priorities and interests of Georgian users of the site, with some surprises.

Datablog | Georgians continue to support gender parity in parliament

More than half of the Georgian public support a gender-balanced parliament, with women, young people, and those not aligned with the ruling party particularly in favour of it. 

Datablog | What do non-partisans think of politicians and parties in Georgia?

Of the plurality of Georgians who do not feel any party aligns with their views, most dislike Georgia’s leading political figures and parties. 

Datablog | Do Georgians feel like they are being spied on by the government?

Nearly half of the Georgian public think that they or their family members are under government surveillance at least some of the time.

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