The Caucasus Datablog

The Datablog analyses issues and trends in the region using data and public polling. It is a collaboration between OC Media and CRRC Georgia.

Datablog | How coronavirus messaging could provide a moral license to misbehave

In Georgia, it would appear that informing people that others are acting responsibly in the pandemic could in fact lead to the opposite behaviour.

Datablog | More Georgians than ever own phones and TVs, but inequalities remain

Survey data from the last decade shows that more and more Georgians own household goods like mobile phones, TVs and washing machines.

Datablog | Conservative gender mores are changing in Georgia

Gendered norms In Georgian society include deprecation of women for smoking, drinking alcohol, having pre-marital sex, and living with a boyfriend.

Datablog | Are Georgians and Armenians becoming more or less tolerant?

Surveys in Georgia and in Armenia asked if respondents approved or disapproved of doing business or marriages with other ethnicities.

Datablog | Half of Georgians believe COVID-19 is man-made 

As conspiracy theories followed the spread of the coronavirus globally, we look at which of these took root in Georgia. 

Datablog | Is Georgia really polarised?

People frequently cite political polarisation as a major problem for Georgian democracy, but is this really the case?

Datablog | How high? Georgia spends millions online on illegal drugs each year 

Drug users in Georgia spent over $1.5 million dollars online between February and August 2020, according to a new study into the darknet market.

Datablog | Georgian parents are concerned about online learning

Georgia has postponed the reopening of schools in major cities due to a new surge in the pandemic.

Datablog | Do Georgians think the Prosecutor’s Office is biased? 

The impartiality and effectiveness of the Prosecutor’s Office has come into question in recent years.

Datablog | Lockdown vs re-opening the economy in Georgia

As the number of new daily confirmed cases is again on the rise, we look at how people felt about the anti-coronavirus restrictions in May.

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