The Caucasus Datablog

The Datablog analyses issues and trends in the region using data and public polling. It is a collaboration between OC Media and CRRC Georgia.

Datablog | What’s a last name from Tbilisi?

While regional identities and stereotypes are a prominent part of Georgian culture, what share of people identify with each regional heritage?

Datablog | How different are people who trust different TV channels in Georgia?

Does the media in Georgia merely reflect the prevailing political polarisation or cause it?

Datablog | What were the greatest successes of Shevardnadze, the UNM, and Georgian Dream?

Each government of Georgia has had a wide range of successes; but how do the public see these successes from Shevardnadze’s time to the present?

Datablog | The greatest failures from Shevardnadze to Georgian Dream

While each Georgian government has had a range of successes, as described in another post published today, they have each had their own spectacular failures. 

Datablog | The evolution of feelings towards the pandemic

It’s been over a year since the first coronavirus case was recorded in Georgia, and attitudes towards the pandemic have continued to change.

Datablog | Why do Georgians not want to vaccinate?

With two kinds of vaccines against COVID-19 already available in Georgia, the public’s attitude towards vaccination is becoming more and more important. 

Datablog | Drug prices as big a concern as COVID-19 for Georgians

Just under half of Georgians consider COVID-19 among the main challenges facing the healthcare system.

Datablog | Georgia among worst in the world for vaccine hesitancy

As Georgian authorities struggle to convince people to get vaccinated for COVID-19, data suggests that the problem could run along party lines.

War in Nagorno-Karabakh went unnoticed for a quarter of Georgians

Despite there being a brutal war near its borders, many in Georgia were unaware of the conflict.

Datablog | What predicts job satisfaction in Georgia?

Unemployment remains one of the most frequently cited concerns among Georgians, but how satisfied with their jobs are those who are employed?

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