The Caucasus Datablog

The Datablog analyses issues and trends in the region using data and public polling. It is a collaboration between OC Media and CRRC Georgia.

Datablog | Do politicians serve Georgia’s public interests?

Recent data suggests that roughly half of the Georgian public believes that neither the opposition nor the ruling party serves their interests.

Datablog | Most Georgians believe that Georgia is not a democracy

The share of Georgians who believe that their country is a democracy is at its lowest in a decade.

Datablog | Do Georgians trust TV?

In an increasingly polarised media environment, Georgians have mixed feelings about how much TV and TV journalists can be trusted. 

Datablog | Who’s to blame for Georgia’s EU candidacy debacle?

Recent data suggests that most Georgians are uncertain who to blame for the country’s failed European Union membership bid.

Datablog | Do Georgians worry about fake news online?

In Georgia, the majority of the internet-using public are concerned about fake news online, believing that fake news is produced in order to draw people's attention away from real issues.

Datablog | How do Georgians feel about drug users?

Recent data suggests that drug use is still heavily stigmatised in Georgia, with many preferring to have neighbours with criminal records rather than drug users.

Datablog | What makes a good Georgian citizen?

Georgians appear to believe that social values are more important than political engagement for being a good citizen.

Datablog | Georgians are becoming wearier of economic ties to Russia

Georgia’s economic relations with Russia have been a point of contention for years; but how far has the War in Ukraine swayed public opinion?

Datablog | Georgia’s uneven post-pandemic economic recovery

Data shows employment rates are still eight percentage points lower than in 2019.

Datablog | What shapes attitudes toward the Soviet Union’s collapse in Georgia and Armenia?

Opinion polling suggests that views of the collapse today may be associated with how one has fared in the post-Soviet period.

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