The Caucasus Datablog

The Datablog analyses issues and trends in the region using data and public polling. It is a collaboration between OC Media and CRRC Georgia.

Datablog | What makes people feel insecure in Georgia?

Of the third of Georgians who feel insecure in Georgia, most attribute this to economic insecurity, but also express concern about a wider array of security issues. 

Datablog | Who wants to leave Georgia?

CRRC data shows that every fifth person was considering leaving Georgia for work in 2023.

Datablog | Life satisfaction and what people teach their children

EVS data suggests that values commonly taught to children in different countries appear to be linked to how satisfied communities are with their lives.

Datablog | Who do Georgians blame for Russia’s war in Ukraine?

Most Georgians see Russia and Putin as responsible for the conflict, but a substantial minority lay the blame with the West. 

Datablog | Shifting tides: changing dynamics of social capital in Georgia and Armenia

Levels of social ties and trust vary between and within Georgia and Armenia, and have changed significantly in the last decade.

Datablog | People in Georgia are highly uncertain about their economic future

Lower-income groups are particularly uncertain about what their economic futures might hold.

Datablog | Is the Georgian government doing enough to secure EU membership?

Georgians are split along partisan lines on whether their government is doing enough to secure the country’s candidate status.

Datablog | Is People’s Power designed to make Georgian Dream look good?

A CRRC Georgia study found that positioning Georgian Dream as more moderate than its spin-off group, People’s Power, increased support for the ruling party. 

Datablog | Democratic hypocrisy in Tbilisi

A CRRC Georgia survey found that people living in Tbilisi were more willing to accept democracy-eroding policies if they believed that their preferred party was in power. 

Datablog | Are Georgian people afraid of crime?

CRRC data found that roughly half of Georgians are afraid of being victims of crimes.

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