Hamida Giyasbayli

Hamida had been exploiting herself in the peacebuilding field for 10 years when the war in Nagorno-Karabakh broke out. Now she is exploring journalism to pursue her passion for human rights. She cares about community action, social equity, refugees, and environmentalism. After living in 7 different countries, she has adopted a small puppy but still seems unlikely to settle down anytime soon.

New sex-tape emerges targetting daughter of Azerbaijani critic 

  This is the fourth such incident over the past month, with the sister of a critical blogger, and a feminist activist and writer also being targetted.

Rumours of violent new anti-queer group spark worry in Azerbaijan

The group’s alleged objective is to carry out attacks on queer individuals.

Aliyev pardons 625 in Novruz amnesty

Human rights defenders indicate that at least 38 political prisoners were among those released. 

Azerbaijani ‘hero general’ arrested over 2001 murder

Rovshan Akbarov Azerbaijani is accused of stabbing businessman Elchin Aliyev cafe in Kyiv in 2001.

Azerbaijani blogger stabbed in France after sister blackmailed with ‘intimate video’

French police allegedly warned Mirzali of a potential attack in advance. 

Azerbaijan leads South Caucasus in COVID-19 vaccinations

Azerbaijan has already managed to vaccinate over 400,000 people. 

Hackers target prominent Azerbaijani feminist with pornography

Narmin Shahmarzadeh's Facebook account has been seized by hackers, who have used it to post denigrating pornographic content. 

Baku Police detain women on International Women’s Day 

At least 25 people were detained, some being dragged away, as police moved in before a planned Women’s March got underway.

Azerbaijani rights lawyer Shahla Humbatova disbarred

Shahla Humbatova was one of the last remaining human rights lawyers in the country.

‘Sovetsky’ residents stage protest in Baku 

The protesters claim that they were insufficiently compensated, with some saying that they were violently forced from their homes. 

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