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Kamran Mahmudov

Kamran is a freelance journalist based in Azerbaijan with over 15 years of experience.

Voice | ‘Whether I have a disability or not, I am still me’

Jamila Mammadli, 26, talks about love, her passion for the theatre, and the preconceptions about disability that are pervasive in Azerbaijan.

‘A lost year’ — How the global pandemic has hit Azerbaijan’s economy 

With tourism and other sectors in lockdown and plunging oil prices, Azerbaijan’s economy could face one of it’s most difficult challenges in years.

Municipal elections in Azerbaijan marred by violations

Observers and journalists reported ballot stuffing, and ‘group voting’ among other violations.

Voice | ‘I did all these things so that the women would not lose hope’

Vafa Naghi tells the story of how she left behind a promising career to return to her village and help its women gain their independence.

Azerbaijan to dissolve parliament and hold snap elections 

Some have speculated that the move is meant to strengthen the position of Vice-President Mehriban Aliyeva.

Azerbaijani students struggle with high tuition fees

As students continue to drop out of university for financial reasons, critics call for reform.

Azerbaijan’s paralysed civil society

As the government continues to interfere with the activities of NGOs, the sector has become paralysed.

Azerbaijan increases minimum wage

The minimum monthly wage will increase from ₼180 ($110) to ₼250 ($150) as of 1 September.

Azerbaijani journalist sued for ‘filming election fraud’

The director of a Baku school filed a lawsuit against journalist Sevinj Vagifgizi for filming her during last year’s presidential election.

Teen attacked in Baku for commemorating bullied schoolgirl

The 14-year-old girl was attacked by a 28-year-old man after she organised a commemoration for a schoolgirl who committed suicide after being bullied.