Mariam Nikuradze

Mariam is a veteran journalist with over 10 years experience under her belt. She is passionate about gender equality and workers’ rights. Despite now being shackled behind a desk for most of the time, she can never sit still when something is happening and always goes to report from the ground. Mari lives with her cat Willie, who she is training to be a dog.

In pictures | Georgians defeat the foreign agent law

The Georgian Government made a U-turn on the bill after a second night of huge protests in Tbilisi.

In pictures | Tear gas and water cannons: Georgia’s foreign agent protests

Riot police used force to disperse tens of thousands of protestors against the foreign agent law after it was passed by parliament.

Kenya blocks export of baobab trees to Georgia citing ‘irregularities’

Documents suggest the trees were destined for the Shekvetili Dendrological Park, set up by Georgian Dream founder Bidzina Ivanishvili.

In Pictures | Georgia’s shrinking train lines

Trains were once among the most reliable methods of transport in Georgia, but closures under the guise of the pandemic have left many cut off.

Watchdogs back ex-security chief’s claim of ‘large-scale electoral fraud’ in Georgia

The groups accused the government of offering pardons, pressuring public employees, and misusing resources to influence the outcome of elections

Tbilisi Pride week concludes with festival as far-right fails to disrupt event

As the Pride Fest was underway, the far-right group Alt-Info was burning and tearing up EU, NATO, and rainbow flags.

Georgian police arrest right-wing extremists attempting to block Pride Fest

The arrests came some 15 hours before Pride Fest, an event organised by Tbilisi Pride, was due to begin.

A Georgian village falls through the cracks

In the Georgian mining community of Chiatura, one village is literally falling through cracks in the ground. 

In pictures | Georgians killed in Ukraine receive hero’s welcome in Tbilisi

Gia Beriashvili and Davit Ratiani were killed on the Irpin front, northwest of Kyiv, on 18 March.

Two attacks on journalists in two days in Georgia

News crews from Mtavari and Formula were attacked on duty in two separate incidents.

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