Mariam Nikuradze

Mariam is a veteran journalist with over a decade of experience under her belt. She is passionate about gender equality and workers’ rights. Despite now being shackled behind a desk for most of the time, she can never sit still when something is happening and always goes to report from the ground.

Georgian far-right group ‘gifted’ new political party after being de-registered

Alt Info has announced they had been given control of a previously unaffiliated far-right political party during a protest outside Georgian Dream’s offices.

In Pictures | Living on the brink of collapse in Shukruti

With their houses cracking and collapsing around them, people in Shukruti are afraid that they will receive attention only when disaster strikes.

Georgian president accuses government of ‘sabotaging’ EU bid in scathing public address

Georgian Dream announced they would reintroduce their aborted foreign agent law earlier on Wednesday.

Mine entrance blocked near Shukruti in renewed protest against Georgian Manganese

The residents of Shukruti demand adequate compensation for the destruction of their village.

Opinion | Fourteen years on Rustaveli Avenue — documenting Georgia’s descent into authoritarianism

Having worked as a journalist for 14 years, I have seen and documented my country’s descent first-hand.

Lazare Grigoriadis jailed on two-year-old charges, as pretrial detention term approaches end

The first person to face charges over the foreign agent protests has been jailed, shortly before the limit for being held in pretrial detention elapsed.

Beka Grigoriadis: ‘Those who fought alongside Lazare have abandoned him’

Beka Grigoriadis has protested daily against the prosecution of his son Lazare, who is on trial for his role in the foreign agent law protests.

In pictures | Broken statues and stolen yoga mats: Georgia’s far right stop Pride Festival

Far-right protesters stormed a queer pride event in Georgia’s capital hours before it was due to begin.

Tbilisi Pride Festival cancelled after police fail to confront extremists

Tbilisi Pride accused the government of being complicit in the attack on the festival.

Chiatura miners’ strike ends after company caves on key demands

Georgian Manganese agreed to reverse new ore quotas and to honour their obligation to increase salaries in line with inflation.