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Mariam Kobaladze

Mariam is a Senior Researcher at CRRC Georgia.

Datablog | Trust and political independence in Georgia’s interior ministry

A CRRC survey found that trust in Georgia’s Interior Ministry and the police is closely tied to perception of the ministry’s political independence, or lack thereof. 

Datablog | Do Georgians trust TV?

In an increasingly polarised media environment, Georgians have mixed feelings about how much TV and TV journalists can be trusted. 

Datablog | The problems facing Georgian courts

In a series of studies, CRRC Georgia spoke with lawyers, judges, and business owners about the problems they perceive in the Georgian court system

Datablog | Mental health and the pandemic

Women were one of the groups whose mental health was most affected by the pandemic.

Datablog | Georgian TV and the political framing of foreign actors

No matter their political stripes, TV channels in Georgia frame association with Russia as politically condemnatory and association with Western countries as praiseworthy.