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Nino Mzhavanadze

Nino is a Researcher at CRRC Georgia.

Datablog | Despite the war, Georgians differentiate Russia and Russians 

After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a large-scale migration of Russians to Georgia led to a debate in Georgian society. 

Datablog | Georgians want their government to support Ukraine

 The Russian invasion of Ukraine shook Georgia, and new polling from CRRC Georgia reveals the extent of the political fallout so far.

Datablog | Do Georgians differentiate between the Russian people and Russian state? 

Given the hostile relations between Russia and Georgia over the last 30 years, Georgian public opinion could be expected to be less than positive. 

Datablog | The gap between Georgian Dream supporters and everyone else is widening

Support for Georgian Dream appears to be the single most important factor in determining whether someone believes Georgia is ‘heading in the right direction’.