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Saida Vagabova

Saida is a journalist at Daghestani newspaper Chernovik.

Russia’s war on Jehovah’s Witnesses reaches Daghestan

After Russia banned the organisation as an ‘extremist sect’ in 2017,  four Jehovah’s Witnesses are now on trial in Daghestan.

‘Illegal’ land seizures go unpunished in Daghestan

The seizure of land by false municipal resolutions and illegal documents has become a streamlined corruption mechanism in Daghestan.

Rare diseases left untreated in Daghestan

The state guarantees free drug provision, while patients complain about its absence and the lack of systematic providing of medical care.

Not welcome in Daghestan — anime, K-pop, and rap

Film screenings, an anime festival, and a rap concert were all cancelled after pressure from self-proclaimed defenders of Daghestani traditions.

The disappeared men in Daghestan’s ‘fake war on terror’

Families of many slain Daghestani ‘militants’ say their loved ones were kidnapped by the authorities.