Zhalavdi Geriyev

Zhalavdi is a Chechen journalist who was persecuted by the Russian authorities for his journalistic activities. He is currently an intern at King’s College London.

The deported Chechens of Daghestan still unable to return to their homes

Afrer 77 years, Chechen returnees from a small corner of Daghestan still dream of returning to their homes.

‘The officer swore he would rape his sister’ — EHCR awards $1 million over North Caucasus tortures

The court heard harrowing testimony of torture by Russian security forces, including strangulation, electrocution, sexual violence, and rape threats.

‘Last emir’ of Caucasus Emirate in Chechnya killed

Experts say it’s too early to talk of an end to the armed conflict in the North Caucasus.

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