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Our partners

OC Media partners with a number of select regional media outlets to bring you the very best of their reporting, all in one place. We translate relevant content into English, Russian, and selected local languages, and work together to produce joint stories.

We also keep in touch with numerous regional and global civil society organisations who share our values. We’re all working towards a common goal and we believe that it’s important to keep such connections alive.

For partnership inquiries, please contact: [email protected]

Aliq Media is an independent non-profit Armenian and Georgian-language media platform based in Tbilisi.

Ampop is an Armenian data reporting platform specialised in explanatory journalism and data visualisation.

The Analyticon is a monthly current affairs magazine, published in Armenian and Russian, online and in print, by the Stepanakert Press Club.

Chai Khana is a creative international media platform reaching women, rural communities, minority groups, and conflict-affected communities in the South Caucasus. This issue-driven multimedia platform aims to cover under-reported issues through human-focused storytelling.

CivilNet is an online television channel providing news and analysis on Armenia, Nagorno-Karabakh, the South Caucasus region and the Armenian diaspora, in Armenian and English.

Daphne is a trial project from Armenia about people who have overcome numerous hardships and challenges.

East Journal is an Italian-language news site on Central and Eastern Europe and Middle East.

Daptar publishes stories in Russian about women and the challenges they face in Daghestan, focusing on domestic violence, early and forced marriages, honour killing, and gender discrimination.

Dosh is a printed journal covering the North Caucasus, first issued in 2003.

Global Voices is an international community of writers, bloggers and digital activists that curate, verify, and translate trending news and stories you might be missing on the Internet, from blogs, independent press, and social media in 167 countries.

Jnews publishes news and in-depth reports from southern Georgia’s Javakheti Region, in Russian and Armenian.

Open Democracy Russia (oDR) Publishes in English and Russian covering politics, civil society, human rights, and culture in Russia and the former Soviet states. oDR seeks to connect the region with the rest of the world and open up space for arguments censored or left behind.

News.on.ge offers news, reports, analysis, blogs and commentary in Georgian from Georgia and abroad.