Ani Avetisyan

Ani was writing stories and photographing for four years before moving into the world of facts and numbers, first working as a data journalist, then as a fact-checker. Open-source investigations and data visualisation are her passions. Ani is interested in everything South Caucasus, politics, and 20th century world history.

Armenians prepare to go to the polls in historic election

Polls show that the race is primarily between acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and the country’s second president Robert Kocharyan. 

Robert Kocharyan proposes Armenia ‘foreign agent’ law

Kocharyan said he seeks to ‘set strict controls’ on the work of organisations funded by foreign donors. 

Stunts and insults mark first week of campaigning in Armenia 

Candidates were heavy on personal insults, violent rhetoric, and mutual recriminations — and spoke little about actual policy. 

15 Armenian captives freed in deal negotiated with help of US, Georgia, and OSCE

Fifteen Armenian captives were returned to Armenia in an apparent exchange for a map of around 100,000 landmines.

Artak Beglaryan appointed Nagorno-Karabakh’s new minister of state 

Beglaryan served in the post of Human Rights Defender of Nagorno-Karabakh during the Second Nagorno-Karabakh war. 

Armenian Health Minister apologises for ‘improper handling’ of soldiers remains

A photo showing the remains of fallen soldiers stacked haphazardly in bags sparked outrage.

Exodus from Armenian Foreign Ministry follows border tensions

Foreign Minister Ara Ayvazian resigned after the PM proposed a demarcation process with international observers on the Azerbaijani border. 

Oligarchs and ex-presidents — who’s in and who’s out in Armenia’s electoral lists?

Polls suggest a two-way race between Pashinyan and Kocharyan, but beyond the party leaders, who is running in each party’s list?

Six Armenian soldiers captured by Azerbaijani forces

Tensions on the Armenia-Azerbaijan border have continued to spiral since 12 May, when Armenia accused Azerbaijan of advancing into their territory.

Armenian soldier killed in ‘clashes along Azerbaijani border’

The incident in Armenia’s Gegharkunik Province represents a further ratcheting of tension along the Armenia–Azerbaijan border.

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