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Bahruz Samadov

Bahruz is a political activist and PhD candidate at Charles University in Prague.

Opinion | How Azerbaijan uses ‘anti-colonialism’ to authoritarian ends

Azerbaijan’s official statements have in recent months taken a new turn, using anti-colonial rhetoric to criticise Western countries for their involvement in the region.

Opinion | Azerbaijan needs an alternative to nationalist militarism

Civil society must step up and propose a progressive alternative to Baku’s rule — one that challenges the nationalist militarism at its core.

Opinion | The war never ended; the peace process never existed

There can be no lasting peace with Armenians until Azerbaijanis reject violent nationalism.

Opinion | The ignored, the unwanted, and the unforgiven

Victory Day was a showcase for the new dominant state narrative in Azerbaijan, but recent border violence has revealed its limits. 

Opinion | Azerbaijan’s new reality

After the war, Ilham Aliyev’s rule seems unassailable, but already this new order of things is showing cracks in its foundation. 

Opinion | To stand for peace, in spite of everything

Historical trauma is at the root of Azerbaijani national identity and the present conflict, and without understanding and engaging with it, we will not build peace. 

Opinion | Azerbaijan’s crowd reawakens with a fury

Mass politics returns to Azerbaijan with a chaotic, angry call to war. 

Opinion | After disappointing elections a new way forward for Azerbaijan’s opposition? 

Azerbaijan’s opposition must take to heart the lessons it has learned after the failure of their ‘elections only’ strategy.

Opinion | Ilham Aliyev’s anti-Europe speech foreshadows big changes in Azerbaijan

A speech delivered by Aliyev on 26 November represents a sharp break from the usual content of his speeches in its ideological content.

Opinion |  Azerbaijan’s traditional opposition needs to appeal to the young

Although the last two protests in Azerbaijan tell of a changing picture in the country, it is too early to have hopes for radical changes.