Bahruz Samadov

Bahruz is an activist from Azerbaijan’s Nida Civil Movement and is a PhD candidate at Charles University in Prague.

Opinion | Azerbaijan’s crowd reawakens with a fury

Mass politics returns to Azerbaijan with a chaotic, angry call to war. 

Opinion | After disappointing elections a new way forward for Azerbaijan’s opposition? 

Azerbaijan’s opposition must take to heart the lessons it has learned after the failure of their ‘elections only’ strategy.

Opinion | Ilham Aliyev’s anti-Europe speech foreshadows big changes in Azerbaijan

A speech delivered by Aliyev on 26 November represents a sharp break from the usual content of his speeches in its ideological content.

Opinion |  Azerbaijan’s traditional opposition needs to appeal to the young

Although the last two protests in Azerbaijan tell of a changing picture in the country, it is too early to have hopes for radical changes.

Seeking acceptance: the Pakistanis building a new life in Azerbaijan

For Pakistani immigrants, even those who have built a life and a family in Azerbaijan, official recognition — citizenship — can remain elusive.

The young women fleeing forced marriage in Azerbaijan

Child marriage and forced marriage in Azerbaijan leave some young women with an impossible choice: family or freedom. In spite of pressure from family, the police, and schools, some unwilling brides-to-be still decide to run away.

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