Dustin Gilbreath

Dustin is a Non-Resident Senior Fellow at CRRC Georgia.

Datablog | Do Georgians feel like they are being spied on by the government?

Nearly half of the Georgian public think that they or their family members are under government surveillance at least some of the time.

Datablog | What makes people feel insecure in Georgia?

Of the third of Georgians who feel insecure in Georgia, most attribute this to economic insecurity, but also express concern about a wider array of security issues. 

Datablog | Who do Georgians blame for Russia’s war in Ukraine?

Most Georgians see Russia and Putin as responsible for the conflict, but a substantial minority lay the blame with the West. 

Datablog | Is the Georgian government doing enough to secure EU membership?

Georgians are split along partisan lines on whether their government is doing enough to secure the country’s candidate status.

Datablog | Democratic hypocrisy in Tbilisi

A CRRC Georgia survey found that people living in Tbilisi were more willing to accept democracy-eroding policies if they believed that their preferred party was in power. 

Datablog | Are Georgian people afraid of crime?

CRRC data found that roughly half of Georgians are afraid of being victims of crimes.

Datablog | Georgians sceptical about functioning of parliament

A majority of Georgians feel that the country's parliament does not function effectively and does not represent their interests.

Datablog | Nudging Georgians to self-test for HIV

Offering people a reward for testing for HIV and making tests more accessible can encourage young people to self-test.

Datablog | Do politicians serve Georgia’s public interests?

Recent data suggests that roughly half of the Georgian public believes that neither the opposition nor the ruling party serves their interests.

Datablog | Georgia’s uneven post-pandemic economic recovery

Data shows employment rates are still eight percentage points lower than in 2019.

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