Dustin Gilbreath

Dustin is a Non-Resident Senior Fellow at CRRC Georgia.

Datablog | Georgia’s uneven post-pandemic economic recovery

Data shows employment rates are still eight percentage points lower than in 2019.

Datablog | Knowing a queer person increases tolerance

Data from a recent survey in Georgia suggests that people who know a non-heterosexual person are significantly more tolerant. 

Datablog | Georgians want immigration restrictions for Russians

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, there has been an outflow of Russians to the South Caucasus.

Datablog | Georgians want their government to support Ukraine

 The Russian invasion of Ukraine shook Georgia, and new polling from CRRC Georgia reveals the extent of the political fallout so far.

Datablog | How many votes were bought in Georgia’s local elections?

According to new research, 20% of Tbilisi’s population appears to be willing to sell their vote. 

Datablog | Georgians are becoming increasingly tolerant

Despite prominent instances of hate-motivated violence in recent years, recent surveys show a growing recognition of the importance of a wide range of minority rights.

Datablog | Georgians remain hesitant about vaccinating kids

Many of those who are willing to be vaccinated themselves, would not vaccinate their children.

Datablog | As Georgia’s government argues with the West, the public want ever closer relations

Over the past year, Georgia’s government has engaged in a series of spats with the Western governments and institutions.

Datablog | Who reported seeing dzveli bitchebi engaged in the elections?

Data from an ISFED and CRRC Georgia survey suggests that a substantial share of the public reported seeing criminal elements around polling stations.

Datablog | What issues are important for Tbilisi residents?

Georgia’s local elections were short on substantive discussions of issues, but what do Tbilisians want from their local government?