Ismi Aghayev

Ismi has worked as a journalist for over 5 years and is passionate about multimedia journalism. He is interested in peacebuilding and human rights. Ismi speaks five languages and has a particular love for his academic knowledge of Arabic. He thinks volleyball makes him hyper and social, and since these are two of his favourite conditions, he considers volleyball his favourite sport.

‘You are a whore’: Azerbaijani journalists condemn ‘abuse by police’

Three journalists say they were punched, insulted, and had equipment broken by police while covering a protest against femicide.

Azerbaijani woman ‘murdered by husband’ despite appeals to police over abuse

Sevinj Maharramova, 24, had repeatedly approached police with allegations of domestic violence before she was killed.

Azerbaijani MP attacks police officer

MP Eldeniz Salimov reportedly attacked the officer after being asked to leave a restaurant due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Activists bring coffin to Azerbaijani ministry following spate of women’s killings

On 25 July, a woman was strangled to death, allegedly by her husband, in the fifth murder of a woman allegedly by a man close to her in 10 days.

Azerbaijani blogger ‘took own life’ Tbilisi Stamba Hotel says  

Huseyn Bakikhanov’s death emerged after several Azerbaijani dissidents claimed that he may have been killed by the Azerbaijani government.

Fifth woman murdered in Azerbaijan in 10 days 

A woman strangled to death in Barda District was the fifth to have allegedly been killed after a personal conflict with a man.

‘The most vicious interference’: Azerbaijani journalists react to Pegasus revelations

Even journalists who expected to be under some level of state surveillance were shocked by the degree of privacy violation.

Azerbaijani authorities return 15-year-old girl to family after ‘wedding’

Videos of the marriage ceremony in the village of Kichik Dahna emerged on social media on Tuesday.

Activists protest alleged dog-killings by shelter for strays in Baku

Activists claim that the Toplan Centre for Stray Dogs does not care for the dogs, but simply kills them.

Environmentalists stage protest in front of Azerbaijan's Environment Ministry

The activists are protesting an ongoing program of leasing public forest lands to private owners.

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