Marianna Kotova

Marianna is a journalist from Abkhazia with 12 years of experience.

Abkhazia bans EU–UN confidence building programme

Foreign Minister Inal Ardzinba accused the COBERM programme of promoting the goals of the Georgian Government.

Criminal investigations follow Abkhazia protest violence

Another protest action in Abkhazia ended with the opposition's demands for constitutional reforms. 

Scandal in Abkhazia over rainbow flag in school

International Day for Tolerance ended with a scandal in Abkhazia over the use of the rainbow flag in a lesson. 

Abkhazian President proposes legalising sale of real estate to Russians

In recent remarks, Aslan Bzhania said that allowing Russians to buy residential property can bring economic benefits to Abkhazia.

Abkhazian veterans defy COVID-ban to hold protest near presidential palace

Around 300 Abkhazian veterans and opposition supporters gathered following the reappointment of embattled Interior Minister Dmitry Dbar.

‘Everything that breathes must be born’: Abkhazia’s total ban on abortion 

The ban is back in the news after a woman spoke about a relative being forced to carry her pregnancy to term despite medical complications. 

Abkhazian veterans to hold ‘indefinite protests’ unless Interior Minister resigns

The demands follow a confrontation between police and a group of veterans several weeks ago.

Abkhazian MPs stripped of immunity after firing weapons in air

MPs Garry Kokaya and Almaskhan Ardzinba are supporters of former president Raul Khadzhimba.

Veterans call for dismissal of Abkhazian interior minister after brawl with police

Around 200 people held a demonstration outside the parliament of Abkhazia on 4 October to demand Dmitry Dbar face charges.

Bribes offered to Abkhazian voters in Russia Duma elections

OC Media spoke with a number of local residents who said they were offered ₽1,000 ($14) in exchange for their votes.

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