Marianna Kotova

Marianna is a journalist from Abkhazia with 12 years of experience.

Abkhazia introduces rolling blackouts 

Rising electricity consumption combined with an ageing electrical grid have led to an increasing number of blackouts in Abkhazia in recent years. 

COVID-19 vaccination proceeds slowly in Abkhazia

Vaccination against COVID-19 is progressing slowly in Abkhazia, with under 1% having received one dose and 474 people being fully vaccinated so far.

Abkhazia to begin long-delayed vaccine rollout

Abkhazia received 6,500 doses of the Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine on 30 April.

Abkhazia is preparing for a tourist bonanza

The authorities expect record numbers of visitors, but some fear that Abkhazia’s infrastructure might buckle. 

What happened to Abkhazia’s anti-corruption law?

Abkhazia’s law on the declaration of income and property has remained in bureaucratic limbo for over a year.

Women’s advocates fight an uphill battle against domestic violence in Abkhazia

There is no legislation protecting people from domestic violence in Abkhazia, nor are there any shelters for victims. 

Tense days in Abkhazia after arrest of former Bzhania aide

Rumours of a possible military takeover circulated around the Abkhazian capital last week following the arrest of former presidential aide Akhra Avidzba on weapons charges. 

Abkhazia seeks to revive its rail link to the outside world

With transport links poised to reopen following the Nagorno-Karabakh war, Abkhazian politicians are pushing to reopen their own dormant railway line.

Abkhazian doctors at odds with Prosecutor’s Office over corruption case

After allegations of embezzlement, Abkhazia’s medical community has accused the Prosecutor’s Office of ordering an unlawful search.

Abkhazia goes back to school

Parents in Abkhazia had complained of school closures, after their children were not offered alternative ways to learn.

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