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Russia warns tourists about travel to Abkhazia

It followed the release of a man convicted of raping a Russian tourist in 2019.

Podcast | Against shame culture: virginity tests and sex education in Armenia

Ani Jilosian and Tereza Panchoyan talk about Armenia’s move to classify virginity tests as domestic violence and the importance of sex education.

Draft agreement with Russia’s National Guard rejected in Abkhazia

Abkhazia has denied its intent to sign a cooperation agreement with Moscow after public pushback against a leaked draft.

Podcast | The elections that had no one on the edge of their seat

Orkhan Mammad, Bahruz Samadov, and Javid Agha talk about the Azerbaijani presidential elections.

Abkhazia proposes ‘foreign agent’ law

Activists have warned the law could be used to suppress criticism of the government.

Aliyev receives 92% in snap presidential election

Wednesday’s vote was accompanied by widespread reports of electoral fraud.

Live updates | Azerbaijan holds snap presidential elections

Aliyev announced snap elections in December, claiming this was because Azerbaijan had taken complete control of Nagorno-Karabakh.

Podcast | Georgians take on predatory lending

Mariam Nikuradze and the Social Justice Centre’s Salome Shubladze talk about the Khatiashvili eviction and predatory lending.

Abkhazians decry ‘petrol monopoly’ amidst ongoing fuel shortage

Abkhazia is facing the risk of a fuel shortage crisis after Moscow reportedly granted a state-owned oil company exclusive rights to export fuel to Abkhazia.

Podcast | The Amulsar mine returns

Journalist Knar Khudoyan, activist Anna Shahnazaryan,and economist Hovhannes Avetisyan about the viability and potential impacts of the Amulsar mine.