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Podcast | Kobakhidze's anti-Western rhetoric and the Nagorno-Karabakh clashes

OC Media staff talk about Georgian Dream Chair Irakli Kobakhidze's anti-Western rhetoric, and the latest clashes in Nagorno-Karabakh.

Inside Ardzinba’s Public Council: the fate of Abkhazian–Georgian dialogue

The council discussed the future of the Abkhazian-Georgian talks in the context of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Abkhazia debates transfer of Pitsunda dacha to Russia

Lawmakers in Abkhazia are set to discuss the transfer of a Soviet-era state dacha in Pitsunda to Russia, sparking criticism and concern from politicians and residents alike.

Podcast | Why is Yerevan setting up a morning musical alarm?

OC Media staff talk about the volunteer Chechen battalions in Ukraine, Avaz Hafizli's murder trial, and Yerevan's new musical alarm.

Podcast | What is Azerbaijan doing to rehabilitate war veterans?

OC Media staff discuss the mismanagement of PR in Georgia, the rehabilitation of Azerbaijani veterans, and Armenia's inflation.

Podcast | Why is a massive statue of Christ being built in Armenia?

OC Media staff discuss the construction of a massive statue of Christ in Armenia, and the apparent exodus of Georgian Dream members.

Podcast | Did Georgia’s pro-EU protests fail?

In the very first edition of the Caucasus Digest, OC Media staff discuss Georgia’s stalled pro-EU protests, Georgia’s Pride Week, and the partial reopening of borders between Turkey and Armenia.

Georgian protesters demand government resignation following EU candidacy denial

Protest leaders gave the government until 3 July to step down, vowing to gather again on that date.

EU denies Georgia candidate status

EU member states granted Moldova and Ukraine candidate status while giving Georgia conditions to meet before their application could be reexamined.

Tens of thousands demonstrate in Tbilisi calling for EU membership

The pro-EU demonstration came after the European Commission recommended on Friday that Georgia be denied EU candidate status. 

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