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Live updates | Armenia goes to the polls in snap parliamentary elections

Live updates throughout the day from Amenia’s snap parliamentary elections.

ECHR finds Russia responsible for disappearance and death of Chechen man

Aslanbek Saidakhmadov was abducted by police on 3 August 2009. His fate remains unknown. 

Daghestan security forces abduct daughter of Chechen official in domestic violence shelter raid

Khalimat Taramova was seized and then placed into the custody of her father.

New report details gross violations of humanitarian law in Second Nagorno-Karabakh War 

The IPHR/Truth Hounds report details unlawful bombing, extrajudicial killings, and torture among other violations of international law. 

Turkish prosecutors release CCTV footage of Bayram Mammadov prior to his death

The release of the footage has been a key demand by many of those who have raised questions over the circumstances surrounding his death.

Stavropol Krai resident arrested for alleged participation in Basayev’s ‘March on Daghestan’

Russian investigators suspect Bagaudin Kuvanaev's involvement in the 'march on Daghestan'  led by Shamil Basayev and Ibn al-Khattab in 1999.

South Ossetian minister charged with attacking journalist in Vladikavkaz

The Deputy Defence Minister of South Ossetia is accused of attacking a journalist in January.

Hundreds of endangered seals wash up dead on Daghestan’s shores

Eco-activists and scientists have warned of an environmental disaster in the Caspian Sea.

Talysh blogger ‘illegally moved’ from pre-trial detention

Aslan Gurbanov is currently appealing his conviction for ‘inciting national hatred’ and carrying out anti-government propaganda.

Daghestani and Azerbaijani inmates sew mouths shut in Russia prison hunger strike 

Nine inmates of a prison colony in Smolensk sew their lips shut as part of a hunger strike over ‘inhuman treatment’ at the hands of prison guards.

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