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Photos of alleged torture by police published in Azerbaijan 

Journalists claimed the photos were taken in a police station in Baku. 

Five charged with aggravated murder over death of Giorgi Shakarashvili

The investigation into Shakarashvili’s death has gripped Georgia in recent weeks.

Around 100 Chechens ‘forcibly returned’ from Moscow to Grozny

According to Chechen state TV, the men were engaging in ‘hooliganism, fraud, and drug use’.

Protesters, police, and private security clash at Armenia’s Amulsar Mine

The clashes erupted after private security removed several cabins built by protestors near the mine. 

Abkhazian health authorities fear ‘drowning’ in COVID-19 cases as thousands of tourists flow in

Local medical authorities warned of a possible surge in coronavirus infections after the border was reopened on Saturday.

Analysis | Church scandals have hurt trust in the Georgian Orthodox Church

The Georgian Orthodox Church has been hit by numerous scandals in recent years, but have those scandals affected public trust?

Transgender woman turned away from hospital after being stabbed in Baku

The woman, who was stabbed multiple times in her home, was sent away after receiving only basic first aid.

Workers at Azerbaijani state carpet company ‘not paid for almost half a year’

Workers from branches of Azerkhalcha across the country say that they have been paid irregularly or not at all since the pandemic hit. 

Four Azerbaijani opposition Popular Front Party leaders arrested

Azerbaijani authorities have detained four leaders and at least 40 activists from the Popular Front Party in the aftermath of the Baku mass rally on the night of 14 July. 

Georgian Government reverses course on cancelling contract with oil firm Frontera

The government said the move aimed to maintain Georgia’s reputation amidst a lobbying campaign by Frontera in Washington.

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