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Aliyev admits Azerbaijan started the Second Nagorno-Karabakh War

This is the first time the Azerbaijani authorities have openly admitted to starting the 44-day war. 

Podcast | Domestic abuse in the North Caucasus and Stepanakert's mass protest

In this week's episode of the Caucasus Digest, OC Media's staff discuss the escape of four Daghestani women to Georgia from a life of domestic abuse and the mass protest that took place in Stepanakert on 30 October.

Voice | Three months in a Georgian Dream troll factory

Nino, 17, found that working for the ruling party meant fake social media flashmobs, no contracts, and broken promises.

Podcast | A deadly case of homophobia in Armenia and Basilashvili’s acquittal

Mamikon Hovsepyan phones in to discuss the suicide of a young queer Armenian couple in Yerevan, and OC Media's staff discuss Nikoloz Basilashvili's acquittal.

Podcast | Armenia's future in CSTO and Kaladze under fire

OC Media talks about Armenia's relations with CSTO and how Tbilisi's mayor is handling the death of a 13-year-old girl in Vake Park.

Podcast | North Caucasians face discrimination at the Georgian border and femicide in Georgia

OC Media's staff discuss the discrimination faced by North Caucasians at the Georgian border and what Georgia should be doing to curb violence against women.

Podcast | Evidence of Azerbaijani war crimes and the SSG's involvement in the abduction of Mukhtarli

OC Media's staff discuss the latest videos depicting potential Azerbaijani war crimes and recent updates on the abduction of Afgan Mukhtarli.

Abkhazia’s youth protest the Pitsunda dacha deal

In the debate in Abkhazia about the transfer of a state dacha to Russia, young people have taken to the streets to ensure their opposition is heard.

Podcast | What does Russia's partial mobilisation mean for the Caucasus?

OC Media's staff discuss reactions to Putin's partial mobilisation announcement in the North Caucasus and Georgia.

Georgian neo-Nazi group finds home on YouTube

A prominent Georgian neo-Nazi group, Georgian National Unity, has reemerged online months after their self-described 'commander', Giga Chelidze was released from prison.

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