Peter Liakhov

A journalist with four years of experience in the field. When he’s not busy editing an article or reporting a story, Peter dabbles in documentary film production. His interests include labour, social movements, and corruption. He also has terrible taste in music, including an undue appreciation for Soviet-era pop.

Pandora Papers reveal South Caucasus connections to offshore tax havens

Two prominent figures include Georgian Dream founder Bidzina Ivanishvili, and Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev.

As Georgia reels from the Delta variant, the Tsinandali Festival plays on

The Tsinandali Festival may be a model for the revival of Georgia’s music scene — but its reduced scope shows that nothing escapes COVID-19.

Video | In the Shadow of War: Voices from Nagorno-Karabakh

A short documentary about the aftermath of the Second Nagorno-Karabakh War that looks at the conflict from the perspective of some of those who experienced it first hand.

Biden administration formally recognises Armenian genocide 

The US President has formally recognised the Armenian genocide.

Plane ‘carrying POWs’ lands empty in Yerevan

Dozens had gathered at Yerevan’s Erebuni airport expecting to see their relatives after months of captivity, but when the plane landed, they were nowhere to be seen.

Radio Liberty journalist attacked by protesters in Yerevan

This is not the first time Radio Liberty journalists have been targetted by supporters of Armenia’s opposition. 

Investigation implicates ‘Navalny Poison Squad’ in North Caucasus deaths

Bellingcat connected Navalny’s alleged assassins with the suspicious deaths of three men, two from the North Caucasus. 

Video | Year two of the Armenian revolution

A year of growing struggle over the meaning and legacy of the Velvet Revolution.

Pashinyan gives Amulsar mine the go-ahead despite critical environmental report

The report said the environmental assessment carried out by mining company Lydian was ‘unreliable’ and ‘misleading’.

Analysis | Ten years after a deadly crackdown in Armenia, will history repeat itself?

On 1 March 2008, 10 people died when police broke up protests. Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan is now once again raising the spectre of 1 March.

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