Tamuna Chkareuli

Tamuna is a freelance journalist and a professional photographer. With a keen interest in social issues, she focuses on labour rights and disability and gender-related problems.

Young Georgian Unions on a winning streak

Despite low trust and a chequered history in Georgia, some new unions are taking on their employers and winning.

In Pictures | Armenia’s not-so-velvet counter-revolution

Armenia’s opposition protesters remain steadfast in their demand for Pashinyan’s resignation, though they have few specifics on what happens next.

Inside Georgia’s textile industry: Violence

Two years after OC Media went undercover at a Tbilisi factory, a former worker reached out with a harrowing story of psychological and physical abuse. 

In Pictures | Forgotten by the highway

From hammocks to nazuki sweet bread, the roadside wares that make travel in Georgia such a delight are in danger of disappearing. 

In Pictures | Bakuriani’s corona freeze

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought life in Georgia’s most popular ski resort town to a painful standstill.

Voice | ‘I’ve been homeless since 2000’

The trials, tribulations, and occasional moments of grace in twenty years of living on Tbilisi’s streets.

The never-ending lockdown for Radio Marneuli

Radio Marneuli has long complained of being ignored by the authorities; during the lockdown, this has created a dangerous information vacuum.

Violets for megabytes: online learning in Georgia leaves students disconnected

A lack of internet access in the high mountains of Adjara and the financial burden on teachers and families mean many children are losing out on their education.

Coronavirus deaths pile up in Georgia amidst political unrest

Despite new restrictions including a curfew and mask mandate, the government has so far failed to halt the rising number of deaths.

Over 20,000 fined in Georgia for not wearing facemasks

The numbers cover the period from when facemasks in enclosed spaces were made mandatory on 12 June up until 30 September.

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