Tamuna Chkareuli

Tamuna is a freelance journalist and a professional photographer. With a keen interest in social issues, she focuses on labour rights and disability and gender-related problems.

Voice | ‘We are all tired, but we shouldn’t give up’

Georgian doctor Nino Kvirtia talks about fighting both the coronavirus and the accompanying disinformation.

How Georgia’s Emergency Services abandoned a paramedic left paralysed at work

Left paralysed after an ambulance crash, paramedic Inga Dundua has been forced to fight the Emergency Services at every step of her rehabilitation.

Investors: Georgia’s Nenskra Dam violates Svan rights

The EBRD found the project to be ‘non-compliant’ with its standards.

Georgia's sick left in agony as affordable medications disappear

One woman was forced to pawn her jewellery to afford life-saving medication for her mother.

Georgia’s women farmers battle a changing climate

As women start to take a new role in Georgia’s agriculture, climate change threatens their accomplishments. 

‘Life shouldn’t be a luxury’ — a Georgian woman’s struggle to afford life-saving cancer treatment

Despite partial government-funding for cancer treatment in Georgia, for society’s most vulnerable, the remaining costs can still be insurmountable.

‘Dutch-made’ rapid tests sold to Georgia were relabelled Chinese tests

The Georgian Government purchased 30,000 COVID-19 rapid tests supposedly made by Dutch biotechnology firm Inzek.

Voice | The women on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic

Three women employed in women-led fields share their experiences of life and work in a pandemic.

No place for transgender people in Georgia’s labour market

The chronic instability of Georgia's workplaces meets social stigma

Inside Georgia’s textile industry: Part III — Control

Investigative journalist Tamuna Chkareuli goes undercover as an employee at a high-tech textile factory in Poti.

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