Tata Shoshiashvili

Before joining OC Media as a reporter, Tata worked as a journalist in Georgian newspaper Resonance for over 2 years. She is interested in politics, and especially everything related to the North Caucasus. Writing is Tata’s outlet to relax and she believes she has found her dream profession in journalism.

Tbilisi Pride’s leading women

Ana Subeliani and Mariam Kvaratskhelia took the helm during a time of crisis and are now steering the organisation through uncharted waters.

Georgian police vow to protect Pride events 

Far-right group Alt Info, who organised last year’s homophobic riots, have vowed to disrupt the events.

Georgian President promises to veto ‘all laws’ that move country in the ‘wrong direction’

She also announced that she has vetoed a controversial surveillance bill; this is the first time used her constitutional veto power.

Gharibashvili defiant following massive pro-EU demonstration

The Georgian Prime Minister appeared defiant before parliament, insisting that Georgia deserved EU candidacy while denigrating opponents.

Far-right campaigner among arrestees at homophobic rally in Tbilisi

Police made the arrests after protesters tried to burn an EU flag outside the EU Delegation’s offices.

Politicians attacked in Tbilisi over queer support and criticism of Erekle II

Republican Party chair and MP Khatuna Samnidze said she was attacked along with a fellow party member in the centre of the city.

Five transgender women attacked by ‘dozens of men’ in Tbilisi

One of the victims claims that a man instigated the attack after she refused to have sex with him.

Georgian culture minister accused of purging critics from National Museum

The ministry fired around 40 employees from the Georgian National Museum in what they called a ‘reorganisation’, according to trade union officials.

Consent not required: how Georgian legislation allows rapists to walk free

In Georgia, saying no is simply not enough, and victims of rape must prove that they physically resisted their rapist to receive justice.

The woman challenging Georgia’s far-right

Samira Bayramova’s activism has made her a target of radical right-wing groups in southern Georgia.

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