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Armenia recognises Palestine

21 June 2024
Armenia's Foreign Ministry. Official photo

Armenia has formally recognised the State of Palestine, becoming the latest country to do so in recent months.

Armenia recognised Palestine on Friday, with the Foreign Ministry citing the ‘catastrophic situation in Gaza and the ongoing military conflict’ between Hamas and Israel.

‘Armenia categorically rejects the targeting of civilian infrastructure, violence against the civilian population, and the hostage-taking of civilians during armed conflict, joining the international community's demands for their unconditional release’.

They added that Yerevan supported the two-state solution to the Israeli–Palestinian conflict — a proposal to resolve the conflict through the establishment of a Palestinian state alongside Israel in the former British Mandate of Palestine.

In a statement published by Wafa, the Palestinian state news agency, the Palestinian Presidency commended Armenia’s decision to recognise Palestine, calling it a ‘courageous and significant decision’.

Israel has reacted by summoning the Armenian Ambassador to Israel ‘for a harsh reprimand conversation’.

In 2020, Armenia recalled its ambassador to Israel in protest against the country’s arms sales to Azerbaijan. In 2022, Armenia reinstated its diplomatic representation in Israel. 


Armenia is the latest UN member state to recognise Palestine this year, with eight other countries — including Spain,  Norway, and Ireland — announcing their recognition of its statehood since April 2024.

In May, Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu condemned the latest wave of recognition of the Palestinian State by European countries, likening it to ‘rewarding terrorism’.

Azerbaijan and Georgia both recognised Palestine in 1992.

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