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Arzu Geybulla

Arzu Geybulla is a freelance writer originally from Azerbaijan, currently based in Istanbul.

Opinion | We are a generation of war

Does loving one’s homeland mean to support war and to shut up about the violation of human rights?

Opinion | Azerbaijan’s COVID-19 response: anything but adequate

By using the pandemic as cover to increase repression, Azerbaijani authorities have failed in their most basic duties.  

Opinion | The killing of women in Azerbaijan is a product of our society 

To tackle the scourge of domestic violence we need to go to the root of the problem — the societal norms underpinning the violence.

Opinion | Cosmetic touch-ups won’t break Azerbaijan’s cycle of crisis

The Azerbaijani government must address the underlying issues instead of buying time with nonsolutions.

Opinion | A suicide that shook Azerbaijan

Despite outrage at the handling of a teen’s suicide, it is yet to be seen if real changes will be made to tackle the roots of the problem.

Opinion | A plea, a protest, and a good president: cosmetic changes in a cosmetic country

A government U-turn in Azerbaijan on compensation for war victims and other concessions are only cosmetic changes to a country filled with injustice.